Crib Cry Fix 

We put Jake in his crib when he was 2 weeks! The first week he slept in our room so we could watch him closely. #nervousparents 

We started to put him in his crib throughout the day,so he would get used to it then we transitioned him to sleeping in it at night time. We noticed that he would wake up every so often crying and screaming even though he was fed, changed, & held until he dosed off. 

We recently bought him this Baby Einstein Soother

It totally works! Jake now sleeps or is happily awake in his crib! Parents must get one for their babies! 

Note: I bought mine at Koh’ls because you can use up to 3 coupons per item! Got the Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother for $28.99! Best deal out there! 


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