Learn Something  New About Your Baby 

Everyday, Avery and I learn something new about our son Jake. As new parents,we try different things and often research scenarios to improve on caring for our infant. Keep In mind, there’s no manual on how to properly care for your newborn. We learned that it all comes naturally! We want to make sure that Jake is happy baby! We’re always learning new things about Jake. 

We were stumped as to why Jake would scream & cry in his crib at night. He likes his crib, we feed him, change him,& cuddle with him. 😊😊 We tried swaddling him but he figured out one day that he has all this space to move & wiggle! We stopped because we thought he didn’t like being swaddled. I learned tonight, that he likes being able to move his arms. I wrapped him from his stomach down with a Muslin receiving blanket. Immediately calmed him down! Along with ocean sounds 😃😃

So glad I tried to swaddle him again leaving his arms out! Now he sleeps better and we sleep better! 


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